“I’m Paul Potts.”

From our friend, supporter, and honorary monk Adam Copeland.

Check him out HERE.


He’s not much to look at. He sells mobile phones in South Wales. He could use a little work on his teeth. He’s very unassuming. Look into his eyes and you might see sadness. Look a little closer and you find an absence of confidence and an uncertainty about himself.

Nevertheless, Paul Potts believes he was born to sing. And not just sing anything, but born to sing opera. As the clip below reveals, he’s right — he’s awesome. And maybe it’s the contrast of expectation when you see him to the reality of what happens when he sings that explains why it’s tough not to tear up watching and listening to this.

But what I love even more is a story I heard when this was shown to me last night. He ended up winning Britain’s Got Talent and had a very successful debut CD. As his fame was building, a reporter asked him, now that he was getting notoriety and money, if he’d considered getting some work done on his teeth. His reply? “I’m Paul Potts.”

And in those three words, he communicates so much: This is me. I am who I am. Why would I change? When you know what you’re born to do and you do it, all the stuff we get caught up in melts away. Beauty breaks through. And experiences like this happen:


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