Christmas Day 2008


Our Christmas tree this year is a small, 3 foot, pre-lit, simple decoration. We’ve had a rough December and didn’t have the energy to pull out our regular tree and all the trimmings. Simple is good and our pretty little tree served as a reminder to me that not everything has to be over the top to be be beautiful or hold great meaning. So it has been with our Christmas celebration this year. There were no parties or gatherings to attend, no “white elephant” gift exchanges, and no big holiday meals planned. We went simple and did our best to live up to what SEVENS is about…rest. We enjoyed each other, kept our tradition of baking and going to the movies as a family, and loved on our friends on the streets.

After the movie, we headed to Boulder. The unusually warm weather increased our chances of finding our friends, and though many of our “regulars” have traveled to warmer climates for the winter, we didn’t have to look very hard to find some friends in need of things to keep them warm. We were able to give away several shirts, socks, gloves, and scarves and had the chance to visit for a bit with our friend “Cap” (not his real name). He was hanging out with a few friends at the Circle K, near the dumpsters he camps next to for the winter. He told us he’s been clean (off alcohol) for 8 weeks today. Cap does odd and end jobs like shoveling and taking out the trash in exchange for free coffee and hot chocolate and the occasional bite to eat. He’s living day by day but doesn’t think he’ll be around next summer. Cap’s body is riddled with cancer. I don’t know much of his story, but I can tell you he served our country as a United States Marine in his younger days, and he has seven daughters. Both of these things are a source of pride for him. Today his eyes were a crystal clear blue as he smiled and laughed with us, told us about his daughters and where he grew up, and posed for a picture with Benny and the kids. Nothing “over the top” seemed to happen, but it held great meaning for him and for us.

Today is the day we celebrate that miraculous night 2000+ years ago when nothing “over the top” happened…or so it would appear to most of the world. But on that night, as it did today with our friend Cap, Heaven touched earth. God smiled and said, “I love you” as only He can. All those years ago He sent His son to live with us. He was homeless at the beginning and again at the end of his life, but God made sure there were people that loved him and met his needs. I am humbled when God sends our family to love on those He’s wooing, and I am grateful for the role you play with us. God is good ALL the time. So today I’m praying that God’s love and provision be “over the top” for you and for the “Caps” in our world this holiday season. Peace to you and your family and Merry Christmas!




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