Becca’s Poetry

The following poetry was written by one of the SABBATH ’08 participants.

Thank you Becca!


you might as well give up,
because you’re never gonna win.
you think that they are yours
just because they’re stuck in sin.
well you can break their hearts,
you can take their souls away,
you can get inside their minds,
and make them lose their way.
you can tell them that they’re worthless,
fill their heads with other lies,
and keep them locked in darkness
where no one can hear their cries.
you can consume their every being
and push them to the ground,
till they’re so beat and broken,
they fear they won’t be found.
you can take their identity,
make them lose sight of who they are,
make them feel like less than nothing,
and give them every kind of scar.
you can tear up their emotions,
and kill their spirits too,
push them from any hope they have,
make them obey only you.
but no matter how close you hold them,
no matter how far they fall,
they will never, ever be yours,
because there is someone who loves them all.
for they are His and His alone,
and they aren’t yours to take,
and He will always be with them,
no matter how much they break.
there is nothing you can do
to make Him love them less,
and He has the powere to save them
from any kind of mess.
no matter how ugly you make them,
He sees only His beautiful child,
and the things that he can do for them
will drive even your mind wild.
..and He is not alone,
because we will stand and fight.
we are His voice and hands and feet,
and we’re gonna show them the light.
so go ahead and try your best,
but in the end you’re gonna fail,
’cause we’re gonna love them the way He does,
and save them from your jail.
we will bring them to their father,
who will tightly hold their hand,
and let them watch as you wither away,
and then we will all rest in the promised land.

open your eyes,
listen to their cries.
with fractured minds and boken hearts,
their journey home cannot start.
feeling worthless and scared,
they wander aimlessly, unaware
of those who would love them and carry them home,
because the only thing they know is alone.
faces and names pass through their life,
but never pause to see them or their strife.
their bodies are worn, their minds are sore,
they don’t even know what’s real anymore.
so far in darkness, they cannot see the light,
because no one will stand and help them fight.
so lead them away from this dark place,
show them the One of mercy and grace,
show them the love that they hunger for,
and let them be lost no more.



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2 responses to “Becca’s Poetry

  1. Beautiful heart. Beautiful sister.


  2. Kalin J

    Love with no limits….
    Thats beautiful.


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