Brad the Intern

Brad and Kellie

His name is Brad Lemons, and the beautiful girl with him is his twin sister Kellie. Brad arrived in Boulder (from Kansas) on a Saturday, just in time for Supper on the Pearl, and didn’t waste any time getting to know our street friends. Brad was one of the teens that came on a SABBATH trip last summer, and it was life changing for him, so he’s spending his last summer before college hanging out with us and loving on the people we meet on the streets of Boulder, and the youth groups that join us for SABBATH 2009.

Brad 3

I’ve worked him pretty hard already. Here he is hiding from me in the new SEVENS fridge. j/k  Brad’s responsibilities include street outreach with Benny, assisting me in the shopping for the SABBATH groups, connecting with the teens we work with, and anything else we tell him to do. He is a natural when it comes to hanging out, making people laugh, and welcoming new faces, and he’s doing a great job. We’re so glad to have him here this summer! You’ll be hearing from him in the next SEVENS newsletter and here on the blog.


Brad on a turf tour in Denver.


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One response to “Brad the Intern

  1. Kalin J

    I’m glad God blessed sevens with a good intern! Hope that is in my future one of these summers!!

    God bless 🙂
    Kalin J


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