The Great SEVENS Tour!

From Benny-

Niki, the kids, and I are officially at the first stop of our 4 state, 11 city, SEVENS tour.  We will be gone until November the 3rd.  We will be updating our supporters, checking in with our SABBATH groups that worked with us this last summer, having a little family fun, and raising some much needed financial support.

I got up early Tuesday morning to finish packing the van and run some errands.  After scraping ice off the windshield and getting all the last minute details done, we were ready to leave…at 1:30pm.  Over the last few weeks, I took the back 2 seats out of our 15 passenger van that was donated by some members from the Northside church of Christ in San Antonio, TX.  I also built drawers and a hanging clothes rack to keep us organized on this long trip.

Our trip to Wichita went really well (9 hours with only 2 stops).  We got in late last night and are set to update our friends at the Westlink church of Christ tonight.  I had 4 really cool banners made for our informational display and had them shipped here, so Niki and I will get our display finished this afternoon.  Zoe gets to hang out with her favorite person in Wichita, Miss Danita.  I think they are going shopping.  Miss Danita knows how to show Zoe a great time.

During our “tour”, our daily family devotionals will come from Psalms and Proverbs.  We really want to focus on God and His love and care for us.  Life and ministry has felt very uncertain over the last few months because we lost almost three quarters of our support (economy, job changes, God calling supporters to mission work).  So I’m focusing us in on God and His care for 2 reasons.  1.  We need to be reminded of how God has come through in the past and how He’ll do it again.  2.  We need to keep God’s care for us  forefront in our minds and hearts so that this whole trip doesn’t become about raising money.  We truly want to bless these churches.

Our theme for this month is “SHOW UP!”  We will be encouraging these congregations to “Show UP” in the lives of the broken and hurting near them.  We’ll also be checking in with our SABBATH groups to see if they are “Showing Up” like they had promised.

Please pray for our family, spiritual protection, the hearts of those we are speaking to and for financial abundance.

Here are our Dates and stops.  Come and see us if we’re near you.

4 Sun. – Boulder Valley church of Christ a.m. service (Home)
5 Mon. – Preparing for the trip (Home)
6 Tues. – Drive to Wichita. (Cox)
7 Wed. – Westlink c of C, 6:15 p.m. (Cox)
8 Thur. – Hanging out in Wichita (Cox)
9 Fri. – Drive to Ft. Worth, TX with a stop in OKC for lunch with the intern. (Brown)
10 Sat. – Activities with the Legacy c of C. (Brown)
11 Sun – Legacy c of C in North Richland Hills,  a.m. classes and evening area wide teen event. (Robey)
12 Mon. – Open week (Robey)
13 Tue. – (Robey)
14 Wed. – (Robey)
15 Thur. – (Robey)
16 Fri. – (Bloecher)
17 Sat. – (Robey)
18 Sun. – Granbury c of C in the a.m., 10th & Broad in Wichita Falls in the p.m. (Carr)
19 Mon. – (Carr)
20 Tue. – (Carr)
21 Wed. – 10th & Broad, Wichita Falls (Carr)
22 Thur. – Drive to Temple, TX to see the Hartnagles and the Canyon Creek group from Belton.(Hartnagle)
23 Fri. – Drive to San Antonio and hang out with friends (Shough)
24 Sat. – (Pippert)
25 Sun. – Northside c of C in the a.m., small groups in the p.m. (Pippert)
26 Mon. – Tourist stuff in San Antonio (Pippert)
27 Tue. – Drive to Houston, outreach with Piercing the Darkness ministries in the p.m. (motel)
28 Wed. – Drive to Tulsa, OK with a stop in Grand Saline, TX (Herndon)
29 Thur. – Drive to Wichita, KS (Cox)
30 Fri. – (Cox)
31 Sat. – Hanging out in Wichita, Trunk or Treat at East Point c of C. (Cox)

1 Sun. – East Point c of C a.m. service (Cox)
2 Mon. – Drive back to Denver. Home sweet home.

On The Road and Lovin’ You,

-The Nowell’s-



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4 responses to “The Great SEVENS Tour!

  1. Linda Norsworth

    Benny & Family:
    We will have our home open to you for the October 24 – 26 dates you posted. Unfortunately, that is the one weekend this fall that Gary is out of town until late Sunday night. I am leader in charge of a Baby Shower at church all afternoon that afternoon. If you want to have people into our home that Sunday night for information , the food preperation will need to be handled by someone else…is that a possibility? Sorry it is such a busy weekend for me. We hope the “tour is safe and very fruitful. You will be in our prayers. Tell Zoe that our grandson, Hayden, has been wanting to meet her. Maybe we can arrange that for Saturday after his morning sports activity. (Hayden turned 6 on September 5 and is in Kindergarten.) i hope to hear from you soon.

    Linda and Gary


  2. Linda Norsworthy

    B & N: I forgot to ask…When do you expect to arrive on Saturday?



  3. Thinking of you guys and praying. LOVE you all.


  4. Vickie

    Benny and Family, Be assured that you all are in our prayers. I am asking for prayers at church for you also. I hope your trip can be fun for your family too, as well as growth. I hope you get all the financial support you need and then some.


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