Last week was a good week.  I continue to meet lots of new folks each day that I’m out.  The homeless shelter is closing for the summer so they are heading to the streets.  With the warmer weather we are seeing more and more hippies, travelers and teens.

I’m really getting to know Ronin and Gretchen. Ronin is about 40 years old and Gretchen is 23-ish. They are a couple that has been camping up in Nederland all winter and plan to stay in Boulder for the summer. This is good news because Ronin is 3 months sober and I believe I can help him continue with that. When he’s sober he makes good decisions and is a better partner for Gretchen. Saturday night Ronin gave me a book about different types of shelters. Kind of a random gift but then I remembered, the previous week, we had a conversation about cool tree houses. What an awesome gift!

I got to spend some time with Vince. He’s a huge black guy with a kind face and a servant heart. He’s the one who takes care of other street folks. A perfect example; when Danny is drinking Vince lays off the sauce, a little, so he can watch out for Danny who gets loud and mouthy when drunk. I noticed that Vince is looking and sounding weary. I’m trying to figure out a way to encourage him and give him some hope.

We are out there lovin’ on folks and being the church. It’s fun and frustrating.

Prayers & Praises


–  Satan continues to attack
our hearts with chaos & discouragement. We need your prayers to continue to focus on the task God has set in front of us.

-Continue to pray for our financial support. We are still hitting the streets with purpose and passion trusting that the money will come in.

– Texas Trip April 23-30
I’m no longer speaking at the West Freeway Church of Christ. But we are still coming to the DFW area. I’d like to be able to speak/fund raise at a church Sunday the 25th. If you can help out with that let me know.



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