The New & Improved SEVENS Website!

There are lots of exciting changes happening with SEVENS! We launched the new website this morning and are very pleased with it. There are still a few little kinks to work out, but our hope is that it will give a glimpse into who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We want as many people as possible to live a full life which includes serving with the gifts God has given each of us. Our website is a picture of how our family is doing just that.

We’ve been working hard to streamline the website, blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts so we’re easy to find. We’ve linked up with our personal blogs, our supporters, the summer camp we’re a part of, and more.

We have 1,000+ photos to share between the site, the blog, and our official SEVENS ONLINE Facebook group page. There’s a small photo gallery on the site that we will update periodically.

You can visit the 7’s Gear page to order t-shirts and stickers.

If you’ve partnered with us for activities and programs we’ve hosted, we’d love to include your quotes, pictures, testimonies, etc. Please email your stuff to me.

You can subscribe to this blog by email or rss feed by clicking on those links over there on the right.

See? Sometimes change is good. 😉

Coming Soon: Announcing the 2011 Summer Interns, Volunteers in the spotlight, and Spring Break.


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One response to “The New & Improved SEVENS Website!

  1. Lisa

    Really like the improved website. God Bless, Lisa


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