Introducing our 2011 Summer Interns…

Every year we hand-pick a few college students to intern with us for the summer. We offer them a unique opportunity for hands on, life experience in community outreach and faith training as well as various service opportunities. This year we are excited to have two hard-working Texans joining us for the summer. Good thing I make excellent sweet tea! 😉


Tanner Colley is from Wichita Falls, Texas. He is a senior English major with a History minor at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. He has been interning with their campus ministry, Mustangs for Christ, for the past 2 years. His future goals include missionary work and writing science fiction, so he’ll fit right in with our family of Dr. Who addicts. Tanner has spent his last 2 spring breaks with us in Boulder and is looking forward to being here this summer. When asked why he wanted to intern with us and what he hoped to take away from the experience, Tanner replied, “Because God told me to and because I love the Nowells and their street friends. I hope to gain a sense of Love without hindrance.”


Ty Reynolds is from Granbury, Texas. He is a sophomore Business Management major (thinking about minoring in Sports Management) at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, Oklahoma. He’d like his future to include working in the sports industry, possibly as a sports agent. Ty is a movie buff and with all of the summer blockbusters coming out, we’ll all be hitting the theater during our time off! As a 2-time SABBATH participant, Ty is a SEVENS veteran. Why does he want to be here and what does he hope to take away? “I want to intern with you guys because the 2 times I have gone in the past were 2 of the most memorable moments of my life. Being out there on the streets loving on the people we meet just feels so right. I hope I come away from this summer with an even more open heart towards the world and everyone in it. I also want bragging rights with my friends to say I had the coolest summer ever by getting to hang out with homeless people and show them God’s love.”

Pictures can say a lot about a person, and these are saying that Tanner’s love for coffee makes him the official SEVENS coffee maker, and with Ty around, I won’t have to lift anything heavy all summer. 😉 They also expose the raw, hidden modeling talent which we will immediately put to work when they arrive in 2 weeks. Want to look like our interns? Order a SEVENS shirt today!



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