The Family

We are a family that loves those around us whoever they may be. We are called to be a family that seeks out those who need hope & attention and lavish on them what we’ve been so freely given: grace, mercy, acceptance, and the love of a heavenly Father.

Family is important to us and we take time out daily/weekly to connect with each other and those God has brought into our lives to be our extended family.

What we do does not determine who we are, who we are determines what we do.


Benny owns and operates Barlow’s Cigars. He also pastors people and speaks to churches and youth groups about missional living. It is his heart and passion for the marginalized that makes SEVENS a place of rest for our friends.

Niki homeschools the kids who will be in 8th and 10th grades this year. She teaches Drama at Family Academy of Christian Education, works part-time for GJ Koeppen Construction, and spends her free time reading, writing, and connecting with friends around the globe. Niki is the SEVENS Coordinator which includes Benny’s speaking opportunities, coordinating our volunteers, and running our food bank.


Max just graduated high school and plans to pursue voice acting and running his DJ business. He helps Benny out at the cigar shop and he’s Niki’s muscle at the food bank.


Zoe will be in 10th grade this fall. She sings everywhere she goes, including on the youth worship team at our church. She’s also passionate about hair and makeup, changing her look often. She’s an amazing, sought-after babysitter.


Pete will be an 8th grader this fall. He’s a computer geek and loves parkour. He got incredible balance and he’s fearless. He’s going to be a hero someday.