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Supper on the Pearl 3.5.11

I missed the meal tonight. One of these days all of our children will be healthy at the same time and our whole family will hang together with our street friends. Pete and I stayed home and he kicked my butt on every Wii game we played until I made him lay down and watch a movie. Meanwhile, Max was drawing a small crowd with his magic skills. He has a few tricks he’s gotten pretty good at, including a couple with cards.  The kid made $25 in an hour. I’m thinking he can buy his own cards and tricks now. 😉

About 30 street friends came for the meal, and our friends at The Journey Church provided sloppy joes, chips, snack cakes, fresh fruit, and drinks. (Thank you, friends!) Though I wasn’t there myself, I can tell you it was a beautiful picture of the parts of the body working together. Some of our friends were hands as they serve the meal, while others were the feet and walked around initiating conversations. It was a great night, and no one left hungry.

Interested in getting involved with Supper on the Pearl? We’re still looking for 2 churches or small groups to host the meal each month. For more information, visit our website for the meal guidelines or email me.


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