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Supper in the Park

Benny took Max and his best friend hammock camping for the weekend to celebrate Max’s 13th birthday. I can’t believe he’s 13. With every voice-cracking, smelly sock wearing, girl liking day, I’m the proud observer of emerging manhood. Today while two of my wild men are out conquering the Colorado forest, the rest of our family will be hanging out in Central Park in Boulder, sharing life with our friends that call the streets, parks, and woods their home.

The summer is coming to a close, and many of the 150 people we’ve been sharing our weekly meals with will be heading for warmer temps for the next several months. Our “regulars”, the friends we know by name as we seek each other out, will shift into winter survival mode. Benny will find fewer on the streets when he does outreach, but the conversations will be longer, deeper, and more desperate. Every week they’ll meet us at the park, we’ll talk about life and needs and prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow. It’s a beautiful time at these mini family reunions, yet we struggle to provide for them and for our own family. It’s sobering to process all of this, but there is peace in knowing we are right where we are supposed to be. God doesn’t show up in Boulder when we’re there, He dwells there and invites us to join Him in what He’s already doing.

We have amazing volunteers that bring the meals each week, but we need more help. We have a group that can no longer provide the meal once a month, so we need another group to step in and help fill the gap. If you are interested in more information about what it takes to host one of our suppers in the park, please email me at

We are thankful for all of the people who help us serve each month:

1st Saturday – The Journey Church from Westminster

2nd Saturday – Boulder Valley Church of Christ from Louisville

3rd Saturday – The week we need filled!

4th Saturday –  Marc & Raechel Leduc & Friends

5th Saturday – Barlow’s Premium Cigars & Pipes from Lafayette

While I’m taking a moment to thank friends of SEVENS, and really a moment is not enough, we could not function without the support of our many friends that partner with us financially and/or donate resources throughout the year:

  • Alme Chiropractic / Maximized Living
  • Boulder Valley church of Christ
  • Camp OC
  • River Wild Ministries
  • The Barnett Family
  • The Browning Family
  • The Burham Family
  • The Clang Family
  • The Cloud Family
  • The Cunningham Family
  • The Cox Family
  • The Estler Family
  • The Frantz Family
  • The Gaddie Family
  • The Gilbert Family
  • The Hart Family
  • The King’s Oasis / L. Rose
  • The Lech Family
  • The Leduc Family
  • The Miller Family
  • The Moldenhauer Family
  • The Moore Family
  • The Norsworthy Family
  • The Olson Family
  • The Robey Family
  • The Rutledge Family
  • The Schlachter Family
  • The Sears Family
  • The Vardas Family
  • Vinelife Church
  • Westlink Church of Christ

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. If I listed all of the people that encourage us and pray for us, I’d be typing all day. If this is you, thank you! We love you! 🙂


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Thank you for a great summer!

I think it was yesterday (not 3 months ago) that I sat down to announce our summer interns. Sorry, I got busy and never finished that post. They were great by the way! Our fabulous 2010 interns were :

Austin Holt, from Granbury, TX, a Senior at  Abilene Christian University. Don’t panic, that’s just one of our street friends “tattooing” his face with a black Sharpie. It really freaked his mom out.

Jorden Lemons, from Wichita Falls, TX, a recent graduate of Oklahoma Christian University. She was so great, we decided to keep her! Jorden is currently raising financial support to work with SEVENS full-time.

Jordan Jacobs, from Denver, CO, a high school senior and friend of the family. Yes, that’s him in the snow in July. We were so happy to have Jordan with us for a second summer. I don’t think I’m going to let him move away. Ever.

We also had some wonderful volunteers:

Jordan’s whole family was part of the SEVENS team this summer. His sister Mikayla helped us out with childcare on Thursdays and Fridays when we had our SABBATH groups here, and his parents, Charles and Kimberly cooked our Friday evening feasts.

Karianne Larson, another local high schooler, helped us our with our first SABBATH group of the summer.

Our nephew, Clay Skrapits, visited from Texas and volunteered with us during our last group of the summer.

The awesome people at the Boulder Valley Church of Christ hosted us in their building all summer long, and provided our SABBATH meals on the second Saturday of each month.

The Journey Church provided meals on the first Saturdays of each month.

Thank you to everyone who gave generously of themselves to make SEVENS a strong presence on the streets of Boulder this summer! We really couldn’t have done it without you! I’d also like to thank the 5 youth groups that participated in our summer program, SABBATH:

Westlink church of Christ from Wichita, KS. (Nick Miller)

Grapevine church of Christ, from North Richland Hills, TX (Russell Frantz)

Granbury church of Christ from Granbury, TX (Chris Robey)

South Main church of Christ from Weatherford, TX (Cody Chumbley)

Boulder Valley church of Christ from Boulder, CO (Caleb Cox)

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